Spin your vinyl vertically with this nifty record player

You can also stream music from your phone and pair it with Bluetooth speakers.
A vertical record player on a shelf
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Vinyl enthusiasts, listen up! If you assume that, at least on a certain level, every record player has to sit on a flat surface, think again. It turns out that’s not the case.

The Fuse Wrap vertical record player stands upright, showcasing your vinyl in a way you probably never thought possible. Spin your Radiohead or Tame Impala albums vertically for $169.99 (reg. $209.99) at checkout.

A new era of timeless music

To add to its uniqueness, this record player can be paired with Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Imagine rocking out to your favorite Muse album through stereo sound or listening to vinyl late at night without disturbing your roommates by popping in your earbuds. If you don’t have either of the above, the player has its own high-quality speakers.

Don’t own a portable speaker? No problem. The Fuse Wrap record player lets you connect your Bluetooth device to play tunes from your favorite streaming apps. It’s the perfect entertainment system to bring along to parties and gatherings.

The quickest way to make this special record player yours? Head directly to checkout! It’s nearly 20 percent off right now.

In addition to the modern vertical design, the real ash wood helps complement even the classiest of living spaces. It also has a unique fabric wrap to add more flare.

Whether you already have a record player and want to add to the collection or are on the hunt for your first setup, this unique model will surely envy other collectors.

Don’t miss your chance to save at the checkout window on this Fuse Wrap vertical record player for only $169.99 (reg. $209.99). 

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