Save up to $100 on top percussion massagers during early Black Friday

Save on Theragun and Hyperice massage guns at Amazon before you even move a muscle to brave Black Friday crowds.
Early black friday percussion massager deal

Percuss your muscles. Stan Horaczek

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Muscles are finicky things. Move too much and too enthusiastically and you’ll put a lot of strain on them that will leave you sore for days to come. Move too little and they’ll stiffen up and cause you to do an embarrassing robot walk every time you get up out of your office chair. A solid percussion massager can help in both cases, and Amazon currently has some of the best from Theragun up to $100 off right now during a pre-Black Friday deal.

Theragun Elite, $298 (Was $399)

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This is Theragun’s high-end model. It’s powerful, durable, and versatile enough for professional athletes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make your neck and shoulders feel way better after a marathon Xbox session. Massage guns rapidly jiggle your muscles in order to achieve a few benefits. It can redistribute fluid in your fascia in order to prevent your muscles from feeling stiff and inflexible. A good massage gun will also evict lactic acid that builds up in muscles during a workout, reducing soreness that would come on later. The Theragun Elite offers five attachments and runs at five different speeds, so you can make the treatment as tame or intense as you can handle. I personally like to use my message gun with a relatively broad tip to spread out the impact, and I select a medium setting because I’m too much of a wimp to crank it up more than that.

The Elite’s triangular shape makes it easy to hold in a variety of orientations and allows inflexible humans (such as myself) to reach spots that may otherwise be out of bounds. This tool is built for long-lasting treatment, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it before you have to replace your actual joints.

Hypervolt Go 2, $149 (Was $199)

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If you don’t need anything so intense as the Theragun Elite, the HyperVolt Go 2 offers a smaller device with fewer speeds and attachments for considerably less cash. It still provides a very deep and effective treatment with three selectable speeds, but it weighs just 1.5 pounds, so it’s easy to bring on the road. Hyperice has even more deals on its percussion massager products on Amazon right now. You can go check out the full list.