This flight finder will search for discounts for you for life, only $90

This Matt's Flights sale gives you more than deals a week plus unlimited custom searches.

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Budgeting for a vacation is tough enough without high flight prices taking their cut. However, there’s a way for frequent flyers to find cheap flights. Or, rather, for cheap flights to find you. 

Matt’s Flights is a flight-finding service that automatically scans airlines for sales and mistake fares before sending the standout deals to your inbox. Instead of scouring the internet for cheap flights whenever you’re planning a vacation, you can automate the process and plan your vacation around the cheap flights Matt sends your way. A lifetime subscription is on sale for $89.99 (reg. $1,800), and you can get started right away when you skip straight to checkout.

Includes 1-on-1 flight planning from Matt

Of course, if your heart is set on a destination, Matt may be able to help out. This membership gives you access to 1-in-1 flight and travel planning support, where you can request custom destinations or custom searches. 

Current covered cities include major airports like JFK, LAX, SEA, and more. Don’t fear if you don’t see your airport on the list. Matt’s Flights can service any airport for custom searches. All it takes is a quick email. That’s what sets Matt’s Flights apart from other flight finders. You get that much more special attention and flight curation, and you get it for life. 

If that sounds like exactly what you need, head straight to checkout to get the flight deals to your inbox faster.

In a typical week, Matt’s Flights members get notifications of three or more flight deals. These are bound for domestic and international locations, and they might just be your next vacation destination.

Custom searches are unlimited, too. If your regular week of flight deals doesn’t satisfy your wanderlust, a quick email lets you start a search for your next dream vacation. 

Plan your next vacation

Get a lifetime of affordable flights without doing all the legwork. Skip straight to checkout to pick up a Lifetime Premium Subscription to Matt’s Flights for just $89.99. 

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