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Cartoonist Scott Adams first built the Ultimate Cubicle for Dilbert the office drone. Now Adams is designing Dilbert’s Ultimate House (DUH)–virtual proof that a home can be green without compromising on cushiness.

Irritated by the inefficiencies of supposedly modern homes, Adams
enlisted the help of tech-savvy fans, architects and energy experts to design an innovative, environmentally friendly abode for America’s most
famous cubicle dweller. The house isn’t real, but the technologies employed are available: rooftop solar panels, Energy Star appliances, ozone-safe evaporative coolers instead of air conditioning, legions of Roomba vacuum robots, and a killer home theater in the basement (not to mention an astronomical observatory shaped like Dilbert’s head). So does this mean that the comfort-obsessed character has become an environmentalist? Not quite. As a geek, “Dilbert is still going to use more than his share of electricity,” says Adams with a laugh. “His solar panels might have to be a little larger than the average person’s.” Tours begin September 28 at