The Shweeb is a human-powered monorail system that makes use of a series of pedal-pods suspended by a metal rail. Easy to operate, Shweeb cars can move up to 25 mph, reportedly without excessive effort.

The Shweeb is still a standalone gimmick/prototype of sorts that sits on company grounds in New Zealand. But they see their contraption as something that would fit perfectly in natural parks for guided tours, or even adventure tourism destinations, where it could be used for racing games.

But here’s the question–if you have these things in scenic parks, what happens when one person stops, and the person behind them keeps pedaling?

[via Shweeb via Inhabitat]

A POV Look from the Shweeb

The Shweeb’s pods are built around the recumbent bicycle design, which lets you pedal from a sitting position.

Shweeb Race

Shweeb says that head to head racing is one of the possibilities of their monorail system.

The Guts

As you can see, the Shweeb shares many of the same components as a bicycle–they’ve just been rejiggered a bit.

Double Trouble

The Shweeb can also support tandem pods for double the pedaling power.

Face Off

Shweeb sees their monorail system doing well in natural park settings where people can pedal through at a leisurely pace.

Fully Customizable

The Shweeb can also be custom fitted to any setting, so you may never see the same looking one twice.