Golf Gear: The Hole Shebang

Technology to the rescue

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Here are five innovations that promise to improve your aim, your grip and — hopefully — your score

1. Customize Your Club

Unbolt this driver’s head with the included wrench and reset it to one of eight positions to change how far your ball breaks left or right. Slightly tilting the clubface can shift the ball up to 40 yards to the side on a long drive. To alter the ball’s path further, swap weights in the head or switch to a firmer or more flexible shaft.

TaylorMade R9
From $400;

2. Map Shots

Swipe a touchscreen to navigate the thousands of course maps on this GPS unit. It displays distances to holes and hazards automatically; tap any other spot to see how far away it is.
Garmin Approach G5

3. Get the Angle

This palm-sized laser range finder uses an accelerometer to tell whether you’re standing on a hill. Then it adjusts its yardage measurements for the slope, so you can tailor your shot.
Bushnell Tour V2 with Slope

4. Hold Tight

Get a better feel but avoid calluses, with a leather glove that’s about 20 percent thinner than earlier models.
Bionic Pro Golf Glove

5. Lug Less

In this 4.5-pound bag, the lightest with club dividers, a fiberglass frame replaces the usual aluminum, and fabric dividers replace plastic.
Sun Mountain Four 5