Blackberry Storm Gets Nov. 21 Release Date

Crackberry addicts, pack a tent and save the date, Verizon sets a firm release for their next iPhone-killer

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If you’ve been in a cave the last three months you’ve been safe from the endless barrage of Blackberry Storm ads. If not, we feel your pain and are happy to tell you the wait is over (or at least that particular ad campaign is).

On November 21, the first touchscreen Blackberry will launch stateside.

Whether the non-haptic, app-focused, accelerometer-based smartphone will prove an iPhone-killer has yet to be determined. But with their $200 base price (minus, of course, the $50 rebate coupon issued with a two-year contract), we can picture Verizon successfully pushing the Storm not just to business-mandated Crackberry addicts, but well into the mainstream consumer market.

We’ll have an in-depth review of the Storm next week. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be content with dreams of giant buttons, promises of fewer “the Storm is coming” ads, and, yes, a movie of a guy sending an e-mail (look at those happy thumbs!)