Way Too Many Britons Creepshot Hot Strangers

Real creepy, U.K.

Here in New York, there are lots of reasons to take pictures of strangers who aren’t expecting it. The crazy lady pooping on the L train platform at Union Square? The guy who walks around Fort Greene Park with two African gray parrots on his shoulder? The impossibly old man riding a unicycle over the (very steep!) Williamsburg Bridge pike path? All totally acceptable scenarios in which to pull out your phone and take a picture. But in the U.K., more than 8 percent of people have confessed to taking illicit shots of…attractive people.

A survey of 2,076 Britons, taken by Nokia, reveals some surprising facts: there are enough attractive people in the U.K. for one-twelfth of the population to creepshot attractive strangers with their phones. (JK we love you guys.) “Our research has given us a real insight into the ever-changing quirky habits of the British public,” said the head of marketing for Nokia. Quirky and weird! Don’t do that, Britons. Creepshotting weirdos: fine. That guy with the parrots wants us to take his photo. The cute girl at the laundromat? She just wants to do her laundry.

[Independent via Daily Mail]