Chances are, the bearded man in your life has exactly one beard-related accessory. It’s a beard trimmer of some kind, it’s several years old, it cost $20 from Sears, and he says he likes it only because he’s used to it. But there’s more to wearing a beard well than occasionally reigning in the overgrowth. Click through the gallery below for some suggestions on how to help him conceptualize, realize, and accessorize his scruff.

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Beard, By Matthew Rainwater

Before any man embarks on growing a real beard–not the paltry scruff so popular these days, but a real sorry-I-can’t-come-out-tonight-I-have-to-wash-my-beard beard–must first educate himself both on proper beard style and on the legacy of which he is about to become a part. Beard, Matthew Rainwater’s excellent visual chronicling of the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska, is a journey through the entire breadth and depth of the facial hair universe. $15, Amazon

Philips Norelco Pro Vacuum Stubble And Beard Trimmer

Contrary to what one might think, keeping a beard is the opposite of laziness–it’s actually a whole lot of work. This trimmer cuts out at least one step by sucking up hair trimmings as it goes, keeping the bathroom counter clear of beard trimmings. If you happen to cohabitate with a bearded gentleman–and especially if you share a bathroom–this is actually a gift for yourself. $60, Amazon

A Beard and Moustache Comb With Real Utility

This one requires little to no explanation. Like the hair atop your head, a lengthy beard or moustache sometimes needs a little smoothing and styling. This beard and moustache comb does the trick, while also serving as a bottle opener for your manly man’s next adult beverage (also works for root beer). Fits on a keychain. A manly comb for your beardly man. $15, Old Familiar Comb Company

A Good Old-Fashioned Straight Razor

Just like Grandpa used to use. When you need to go from bearded to smooth (weddings, job interviews, court dates), accept no substitutes. But the straight razor is also an essential tool for up-close sculpting of larger beards (please get some instruction on this before attempting) or scraping of the neck for short beards. And perhaps the best part about this splendid bocote wood razor from NYC’s The Art of Shaving is the fact that when you don’t need it, you can simply leave it resting in a cup on your bathroom counter. It looks as sharp as it is, instantly elevating the decor. $225, The Art of Shaving

Facial Hair App

Sometimes you want to mess with your facial hair style without actually messing with your facial hair style. Facial Hair for iOS and Android lets you add a variety of facial hair stylings to any photo, so you can trial those mutton chops before spending two months growing them out. Free.

A Solid Tobacco Pipe

Nothing fills out a proper beard like a tobacco pipe. And while we don’t recommend subjecting oneself to the needless damage that tobacco smoke renders upon your mouth, throat, lungs, and pretty much anything else it touches, we have to say: there’s just something about a pipe and a good, solid beard that go hand-in-hand. If sucking down tar-flavored leaves doesn’t suit the personal tastes or style of your bearded fellow, have him do like Dr. Seuss and plant a radish in the end of his mouthpiece. Just like that, he’s quirky! CupOJoe’s has just about anything you could want in the pipes department. You can go large with something from Dunhill, though something from the likes of Stanwell will do just fine. Prices Vary, CupOJoe’s

Moustache Tie Clip

There’s more than one way to celebrate facial hair. From those lacking the wherewithal to commit to full facial adornment to those who simply want to further celebrate the works of art already on their faces, this moustache tie clip lets both the bearded and un-bearded man alike add a little whimsy to his neckwear. $35, Etsy