Video: Take to the Road, and the Seas, in an Amphibious Camping Trailer

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The Sealander amphibious trailer is the camping accessory of our 1970s PopSci dreams come to life, except better than we ever imagined. This super-light trailer is tiny enough that it can be towed even by subcompact cars without a special permit, extra mirrors or gear, and serves as a kitchen, a tent and a boat.

Inside the customizable Sealander (which will be available for purchase in 2012), seats become a deck, cooking and sink areas become heaters and refrigerators, and the roof peels back so you can sleep under the stars. You can take to the water and show off your waterproof pod-boat to all the kayakers, while an electric motor keeps you from floating out to sea. The motor is also low-emissions, so you don’t have to feel bad that your idea of “getting back to nature” includes a $24,000 amphibious trailer.

Check out the Sealander in action, set to epic music, in the video below.

[Treehugger via Red Ferret]