How to Build It

1. Attach a small piece of tubing to the outlet on a 12-volt output pump [A].

2. Add an elbow fitting to the tubing, and connect a length of hose [B]. Run the hose to another elbow fitting, and screw that to a piece of plastic pipe [C].

3. Attach an elbow fitting to the other end of the pipe, and screw a showerhead [D] to it.

4. Wire the pump to a 12-volt car lighter plug [E], and drop the pump in a bucket of water.

5. For a freestanding shower that can be attached to a cooler, add two extra solid pipes with couplers in line with the other solid pipe.

volt output pump, hose, plastic pipe, shower head lying on a towel

The Tools

A.12-volt output pump B.hose C. plastic pipe D. showerhead E. 12-volt car Lighter Plug

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