DIY Gas Mask: A PopSci Fan’s Step-by-Step Guide member TimAnderson uses a 1942 Popular Science article as a guide for creating a DIY gas mask.

It’s official: Santa showed up a little early this year. The unveiling of the Popular Science archives on Google was, last week, a very big deal. Our readers and fans can now search and browse over 136 years’ worth of the future then and now whenever they damn well please.

Ever resourceful, PopSci DIY-ers are already doing what they do best. member TimAnderson created a gas mask using instructions in a December 1942 Popular Science Article. How awesome is that?

Click through the gallery to see how he did it. We encourage you (though-we-take-no-responsibility-for-injuries-etc.) all to try this at home.

A man using a DIY gas mask from a 1942 design.