Candles to make your home cozier

A flickering flame makes every room feel warmer.

candle in the dark
Light it up.Paolo Nicolello via Unsplash

Candles make any space glow. A flickering light and the smell of melting wax makes any gathering more intimate, and any night alone more comforting. Below, some of our favorite candles for the home, from bright and citrusy to a flameless option.

Capri Blue Volcano
Perfect bathroom scent.Amazon

This citrus-forward candle is great for kitchens and bathrooms, leaving the space feeling clean. It isn’t too warm or wintery, but rather energizing and bright. This is great for people who may not want a vanilla or musky candle, but rather something a little more refreshing.

Woodwick candle
An audible candle.Amazon

This is such a unique design. Woodwick candles use just that: a wooden wick. Instead of the traditional cotton string wick, Woodwick candles use a patented natural wood wick designed to audibly crackle when used. The special wicks also enhance the fragrance of the candle. So not only do Woodwick candles give you traditional fragrances, but they create an auditory experience as well.

Homesick Scented Candles
Smells like home.Amazon

Each Homesick candle theoretically incorporates traditional scents associated with each state or city, so when you burn it, you’re reminded of home. These are really fantastic housewarming or graduation gifts.

Luminara Flameless Candles
A safer option.Amazon

If you’re just looking for romantic lighting, Luminara flameless candles are a fantastic option. The candle looks naturally lit, but you won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it on overnight. It also has a battery-operated remote control and timer option so your candle will go off and on at the same time every day.