Biotech Company Unveils A Synthetic Dog For Veterinary Students


If this dog is doing you a frighten, no need to bork. It’s synthetic, and SynDaver Labs hopes to save canine lives with it.

From a press release on the SynDaver website:

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SynDog is doing me a frighten. Image via imgur

Today, many veterinary students must dissect live dogs as part of their education, according to the press release. SynDaver Labs hopes to curb “terminal surgery labs” with the SynDog, as we’re calling it here at Popular Science.

Who's a good boy
Who’s a good boy? Judge Public Relations photo handout by Justin Mayfield

The cadavers are anatomically accurate, with all of the bones, muscles, and other doggy parts you’d want in your SynDog. SynDaver labs is also mounting an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $24,000,000 in the next two months. With the money, they will give 20 SynDaver Synthetic Canines to every accredited veterinary college in the world. They have raised about $1300 so far.

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Tampa-based SynDaver Labs unveiled the SynDaver Synthetic Canine yesterday. Judge Public Relations photo handout by Justin Mayfield