Electric foot massagers you probably deserve

There are so many things in this life that feel good and are bad for us. A foot massage feels awesome and doesn’t even make us sick. Let us rejoice.

feet on a deck
After a long day on your feet, give your paws a bit of love.Brina Blum via Unsplash

We hold an immense amount of stress in our feet. Whether your job requires you to stand for hours on end or you suffer from chronic foot pain, the right electric foot massager can provide relief. Had a hard day at work and/or waiting in line at Disneyland? Kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, and turn on one of these massagers while reading or watching TV. Here are our favorites on the market right now.

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager
Top-quality experience.Amazon

This machine uses shiatsu techniques and foot reflexology to provide a deep massage. It has three intensity levels, three air pressure levels, and a heat setting, all of which are controlled via an easy-to-use panel. It also has a rolling stick and rotation ball for imitating human touch. This product helps increase circulation and relieves pain, especially from plantar fasciitis.

Nekteck Foot Massager
A less expensive option.Amazon

This massager has six massage heads and eighteen rotating nodes for kneading. It also has an adjustable height and a mild heating function. For half the price of other massagers, this machine still helps reduce tension and stimulate blood flow.

Cincom Leg Massager
For your calves.Amazon

These hug your legs and massage them with airbags. Each wrap has two balloon-like pieces that compress to imitate a set of two hands on each leg. The set has two massage modes with three levels of intensity and is designed to relieve pain from restless leg syndrome or leg edema. This is also a great choice for athletes who experience soreness in their legs. If the desire strikes, you can put these on your arms for an arm massage. It is controlled via an attached remote.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager
Two independent chambers.Amazon

This massager is portable and comes with two wireless remotes. It has five air pressure settings and a soothing heating function. It also has a deep kneading feature that focuses on your pressure points. This machine is small enough that it would be a good choice for the office.