Electric razors feature two primary components. The first is a thin foil with small perforations. The other, called the undercutter, consists of moving blades that toggle between positions at a fast pace. As you move the razor across the surface, it provides a close shave by pulling remaining hair towards the surface. Of course, getting the best results means picking the best razor. From attachments for trimming to skin sensitivities, it’s important to factor in all the aspects of the razor. This way, you can ensure you get the best experience. 

Things to Consider:

• Does it come with the right attachments and blade style?  Unless you go for a smooth shave every time, opting for a razor that has no trimmers might not do the trick. When it comes to close shaves, it’s also a matter of finding the right blade. Some get so close to the skin, there’s no trace of hair. Others let you choose how hard to press to cultivate a five o’clock shadow. 

• Rechargeable or replaceable battery? Most modern electric razors rely on rechargeable batteries. Good for the environment and generally more convenient, as long as you remember to charge it, these are a solid way to go. However, if you travel a lot and it’s easier to swap out a set of double-A batteries, replaceable-battery models are usually a bit more affordable. 

• Is it easy on the skin? Particularly if you have sensitive skin (dry, prone to irritation, etc.), finding something that won’t irritate your epidermis is important. Electric razors already have a leg up on analog models, but looking for something with multiple, smaller blades can take some strain off the skin. 

• How comfortable is it to hold? Think about whether you can handle the razor easily. Control is important to getting the right look and preventing skin irritation. With an ergonomic handle, you can better maneuver the razor, leading to better results.

Our Picks for the Best Electric Razors on Amazon

Best Overall: Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Flexible Head and an Advanced Shaving System

An electric razor that features reliable blades and a flexible head for the ideal shaving experience. Panasonic

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The Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor ranks as the winner of this roundup for its extremely sharp blades. Four levels of precision nanotech curve angle at 30 degrees to contour properly to all parts of the face. The foil top keeps the shave comfortable, ensuring smooth and even results. It works both wet and dry, useful either as a trimmer or razor. Standing out for the powerful motor, it reaches 13,00 cuts per minute. Connecting to a rechargeable battery that connects to an LCD light for easy readout, this electric razor is a truly modern option. Equipped with a self-cleaning mode, blade replacement reminders, and charge indicators, it puts advanced hygiene supplies in your hands. Complete with sensor monitors to adjust power based on hair density, this razor is a great tool overall.

Pros: Cons: 
  • Head pivots for better control
  • Sensor monitors wear down with time
  • Reaches 13,000 cuts per minute
  • Relatively small handle
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • Most Budget-Friendly:  King C. Gillette Cordless Beard Trimmer

    Affordable and User-Friendly Hygiene Tool

    Perfect your facial hair with the help of a cordless beard trimmer that lets you curate the ideal look at a cost-effective price point. King C. Gillette

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    Getting a proper shave shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, which makes the King C. The Gillette Cordless Beard Trimmer so appealing. The set comes with a compact and lightweight trimmer with easy-to-use attachments. Each of the combs is easy to clean and able to last over the long term. Coming with sharp blades for a smooth shave, the washable head maneuvers well. One of the heads is meant to cut stubble to a millimeter, giving you a shadowy look. The other rings in at three to 11 millimeters, giving you a short beard. Finally, you can opt for a true trim with the longest model. Need a complete shave? The sharp razors do the trick. Featuring a rechargeable battery that holds a charge for 50 minutes, this affordable trimmer is a solid pick. 

    Pros: Cons: 
  • Includes one trimmer and three combs
  • Better as a trimmer than razor
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Only comes with three combs
  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Best for Sensitive Skin:  Norelco Rechargeable Electric Shaver

    Designed to Gently Shave and Trim

    Avoid skin irritation and sensitivities with the help of this razor, designed to handle hair and keep skin soft. Norelco

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    The Norelco Rechargeable Electric Shaver is worth checking out for its gentle performance. It comes at a reasonable price, making it easier to invest in comfortable and healthier skin. The razor is easy to control, featuring a single, responsive button on the center of the handle. The rechargeable battery connects to an AC port, restoring the battery in a period of only eight hours. With a cordless run time of roughly 40 minutes, you can get several shaves out of a single charge. The 4D heads move smoothly, using 27 petite blades to make small, precise cuts. Because of the sharp edges, you can get a close shave without worrying about razor burn or irritation. The blades self-sharpen, ensuring lasting effects that keep your skin soft.

    Pros: Cons: 
  • Suitable to more sensitive skin
  • Corded design requires AC access to charge
  • Features 27 blades that self-sharpen
  • Battery system runs out fairly quickly
  • Flexible design moves head in four directions
  • Most Portable: Hatteker Cordless Electric Razor

    Cordless, Compact, and Cost-Effective

    Take your cordless razor wherever you go thanks to the USB charger, durable design, and compact design. Hatteker

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    From business trips to vacations, the Hatteker Cordless Electric Razor is a solid pick for busy lifestyles. For starters, it has a sturdy build. Entirely waterproof, it works for wet and dry shaves, even with the most viscous shaving cream. The rotary shaver consists of three shaving points moving in four directions. This allows for a thorough shave that remains gentle on the skin. Incorporating a pop-up trimmer, this model lets you curate the ideal look for any situation. It features a rechargeable battery that connects to any standard USB port. The charge powers the razor for a period of 60 minutes for every 90 minutes of charging. Running the LCD screen with a locking mechanism and battery indicator, this razor is extremely user-friendly. Compact and lightweight, it is an ideal choice for travel.

    Pros: Cons: 
  • Four-directional shaving heads
  • Blades are not self-sharpening
  • Contours to the curve on your face
  • Charges via a USB port
  • Ideal for wet and dry shaves
  • Includes a bright LCD screen
  • Best Premium: Braun Electric Razor

    Features SensoFlex Technology for Advanced Trims

    Benefit from SensoFlex technology to automatically provide the ideal pressure during your shave so you get the smoothest possible results. Braun

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    Though it comes at a higher price than others, the Braun Electric Razor justifies the investment. For starters, it features a stainless steel design that comes with a convenient travel kit. The charger for the lithium-ion battery is lightweight, taking only a few minutes to restore the battery. A single battery charge can last for up to 50 minutes. Working as both a wet and dry shaver, the razor is entirely waterproof, adding both to durability and safety. It features SensoFlex technology, a mechanism that has the swivel head shift in order to reduce pressure. Easy to hold and control, the compact head follows the curves of your face with ease. Powerful, durable, and with an advanced display to highlight everything from maintenance to battery life, this is a truly premium pick. 

    Pros: Cons: 
  • Four-in-one SmartCare feature
  • Comes at a higher-than-average price point
  • Works as a trimmer and a razor
  • Vulnerable to impact (don’t drop it)
  • Effective as a wet and dry razor
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
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