Even the safest drivers on the planet get into car accidents. They can even happen when you’re parked at the gas station getting road trip Twizzlers. The odds of getting in an accident on a 1,000-mile trip are 1 in 366, so it’s no wonder why cameras designed to take footage of your crash have become more popular.

Whether you’re an Uber driver, taking a road trip cross country in a rental car, or driving your own car to work every day, it’s worth considering a dash cam.

High-quality footage: Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam

Crystal Clear Picture

You can download videos directly to your phone using the companion app. Amazon

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Coming in at just three inches by two inches, this 4K camera will easily fit on your windshield and do the hard work for you. The great thing about it is the built-in GPS, unlike the other cameras where you’d have to add that option on. Another bonus? It can help you Instagram on the road. You can take high-quality screen grabs of the video and immediately download them to your photo via Wi-Fi. It also comes with night vision.

Runner-up: APEMAN 1440P x 1080P Dual Dash Cam

170-Degree Wide Angle Shot

Perfect wingman for your next road trip. Amazon

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The 1080p Apeman dash cam is perfect for those wanting to capture video and photos of that road trip across the country… or that accident your insurance company is calling you about. This camera stretches 20 more degrees than the Rove cam, which is ideal for capturing every little detail if you’re driving on a six-lane interstate (mountains included). Although the footage from driving at nighttime isn’t as high quality as that of the Rove cam, for half the price and nearly twice the size, you can’t beat it.

Budget pick: AUKEY Mini Dash Cam

Small, But Mighty

This pick is temperature-resistant even in extreme weather. Amazon

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The best part about this dash cam is that it’s basically hidden behind your rearview mirror, unlike all of the other cams. At just two inches wide, it’s the slimmest option that still records a sweeping view of the highway, landscape, and cars around you.