Candle warmers that will make your home smell amazing

No lighter? No problem.

A beloved staple in every home causes approximately 8,200 house fires per year. While candles make your home smell fantastic, they can also be potentially hazardous. Skip the dangerous flames and invest in an electric candle warmer that will slowly (and safely) heat your favorite candle or wax melts. Plus, candle warmers can heat up the leftover wax at the bottom of your candles after you can no longer light the wick.

Felt bottom: Darice Large Candle Warmer

Size Matters Less

Can sit on your delicate countertops or a wood table. Amazon


Place your candle on top of this Darice warming plate and it will release its scent into the air via heat. This is the most traditional candle warmer and the only one that can also warm up your mugs and soup bowls. Since the Darice is 4.25 inches wide, it can fit relatively large candles or cups.

Runner-up: Candle Warmers Etc, Midas 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer

Best Designed Products

Choose from a handful of styles. Amazon


The best thing about this electric warming candle is its versatility. It comes in 16 different styles, and can warm up a 12-ounce candle jar—or wax melts in its included dish—within 20 minutes. This six-inch candle warmer is stylish for both your home and office.

Doesn’t take up room on surfaces: Candle Warmers Etc. Pluggable Candle

Move It From Room To Room

This option comes with a rotating base to fit any outlet. Amazon


If you prefer a more discreet candle warmer that’s off your counter, this pluggable warmer is a great choice. It comes ready with a 15-watt warming bulb so all you’ll need to purchase is the wax. This candle will illuminate your room and mimic a burning candle more than the other options.