Our favorite affordable lip balms

Expensive chap sticks are so unnecessary.

If you’ve passed a winter without experiencing uncomfortable chapped, cracked, peeling lips, consider yourself very, very lucky. The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your face, and especially vulnerable to showing signs of dryness. Cold temperatures, bracing winds, and forced-air heating all draw moisture from your skin. Effective lip balms and salves are formulated to create occlusive layers to keep in moisture while protecting your lips from the elements. Below, some of our favorites.

Four flavors: Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Long-Beloved Classic

A bundle your wallet won’t feel. Amazon


If you haven’t already heard of Burt’s Bee’s lip balm, where have you been? The iconic yellow tubes are super recognizable for a reason. With protective beeswax, restorative Vitamin E, and a tingle of peppermint oil, these sticks are ready to condition your lips. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, which means you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. They’re also super budget-friendly, and come in a pack of four—keep one on your nightstand, grab one for your pocket or purse, put one in your office, and save one just in case.

Editor’s pick: Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

For Sensitive Skin

Dermatologist-approved serious multitasker. Amazon


Dermatologists approve this multi-use ointment: use it not only for your chapped lips, but for your hands and feet, minor irritations, or cuts and burns. It’s formulated with shea butter, vitamins, and chamomile essence to create a semi-occlusive skin barrier, which lets air penetrate while protecting underlying skin or wounds. It’s also made without fragrance, dyes, or preservatives, and has a minimal number of ingredients, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Sun savior: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Protects And Soothes

Powerful moisturizer with SPF. Amazon


Jack Black’s Intense Therapy lip balm is a heavyweight lip healer, especially if you’ve been struggling with other chapsticks that just don’t seem to moisturize enough. The emollient balm is formulated with green tea, vitamin E, and SPF 25 sun protection. It stands up to extreme temperatures, dry climates, and harsh winter winds. Because it’s such a rich, healing gel, a little goes a long way. Apply it before bed and wake up to perfectly soft lips. It also comes with an array of scents—the original mint and shea butter is easy to love, but there’s also grapefruit and ginger and black tea and blackberry for the adventurous.

Vintage-look: Rosebud Salve Tin

Fashionista Approved

The long-standing favorite for stylish people. Amazon


Beauty aficionados are obsessed with Rosebud Salve, which comes in a vintage-looking blue and white metal tin, is tinted a pretty pink, and smells like roses. But you don’t have to be a beauty fanatic to love this cult-favorite lip balm. Rosebud Salve was invented in 1892 by a druggist as a family salve that works for chapped lips, skin, blemishes, diaper rash, or detergent burn. It uses surgical-grade petrolatum to seal in moisture, soften lips, and can also be adapted for beauty hacks: tap some over lipstick for a dewy glow, or use it to smooth down flyaway hairs.