Google Wants To Edit And Soundtrack Your Videos

Your memories will be BEAUTIFULLY FORMATTED.

Want to make a highlight reel of all of your different videos? Don’t have any video-editing skills? No problem! Google has announced the weirdly named Auto Awesome Movies feature for Google+: if you’re using an Android device with the latest software, Google will make clips of your life.

You can check out the video here to get the idea (and some ideas on _terrible _driving habits), but more or less, Google+ will pull clips from your video files that you select, stitch them together, and soundtrack the whole thing. You can choose the accompanying music, although it would be funny to let Google run wild and soundtrack your road-trip to a sombre brass band or a funeral to techno.

If you’re not an Android user, though, Google is also releasing a couple other new features for iOS. One, called Eraser, lets you remove objects from a photo by taking parts of multiple photos. For example: Just want to the photo in a crowd to be of you and your friend standing in the middle? Take three photos, and Eraser can remove the other people in the shot. There’s also Action, which lets you take multiple images of someone, say, doing ballet, then lets you stich them together for a GIF-style effect. You can see examples of both here.

The Eraser and Action tools should be rolling out now, with the Movies option coming in the next few days.