The Week In Numbers: Human Supertaskers, The Tallest Mountain In The Solar System, And More

Jan Willem Tulp

25 kilometers: the height of the Martian peak Olympus Mons (see how mountains in our solar system compare here)

10,648 asteroids: have been identified as near-Earth objects as of February 1, 2014 (read how we’re finding them before they find us here)

71 percent: the increase in the amount of precipitation falling in very heavy events in the Northeastern U.S. since 1958

2 percent: the portion of humans who can multitask without getting worse at each task

25 monkeys: are now working for the Chinese air force

27,000 pounds: the carrying capacity of the U.S. Navy’s new heavy-duty helicopter

$2,000: the cost to develop a powerful, portable robotic exoskeleton

$90: the price of the first beard trimmer with a laser