Science Jokes From Our Twitter Followers

Check out some of our favorite science jokes.

The October 1927 issue of Popular Science magazine

On Monday, we asked our Twitter followers, "What's your favorite science joke?" The nerds delivered. Here are our favorite science jokes, organized by subject.


@PopSci I was going to tell a joke about sodium, but Na. — Ian Haygreen (@IanHaygreen) March 24, 2014

@PopSci Argon walks into a bar, bartender says "SCRAM! We don't serve Noble gasses!" Argon doesn't react. — bamage (@bamage02) March 24, 2014

@PopSci Two scientists walk into a bar. "I'll have an H2O," says the first. "I'll have an H2O too," says the second. The second man dies. — Scitidbits (@Scitidbits) March 25, 2014

@PopSci Gold walks into a bar. The bartender yells "AU! Get out!" — G'berry (@rangran) March 25, 2014

Why are chemists never able to prank their friends? They lack the element of surprise! ba dum tiss #sciencejokes @PopSci — whateverfloatsyagoat (@ashtond14) March 25, 2014


@PopSci Being absolute zero is 0K with me — Бeн (@benmhancock) March 24, 2014

@PopSci A neutrino walks through a bar. — Tim Brock (@TimBrock_DtD) March 24, 2014

@PopSci Atom 1: "I think I've lost an electron." Atom 2: "Are you sure?" Atom 1: "Yeah, I'm positive." — Peter Slade (@peterslade) March 24, 2014

@PopSci I think I lost an electron... I better keep an ion that — Jake Mason (@GearsAndCogs) March 24, 2014

@PopSci a photon checks into a hotel. The clerk asks if he needs help with luggage. Photon replies, "i dont have any, I'm traveling light." — Mayahon (@mayahon) March 24, 2014

@PopSci heisenberg is pulled over. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" asks the policeman. H: "No. But, I know where I am." — billy galbavy (@WilliamGalbavy) March 24, 2014

@PopSci Higgs Boson walks into a church and says "you can't have mass without me!" — Obsolesence (@Obsolesence) March 24, 2014

@PopSci A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink, bartender says, "for you, no charge!" — Gregory Perry (@n3rd_lyfe) March 25, 2014


@PopSci Use chromosomes in advertisements -- because, you know, sex cells. — Baylee Nykol Pulliam (@BayleePulliam) March 24, 2014

@PopSci // *cheesy pick-up line voice* "Call me DNA Helicase... Because I can't wait to unzip your genes." — Joe Reinhard (@Joe_Reinhard) March 24, 2014


@PopSci why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? To get to the same side! — Cameron Forrester (@c_forrester2) March 24, 2014

@PopSci There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary. And those who don't — Guadalupe Muñoz (@munoz_guadalupe) March 24, 2014

And the dorkiest science joke ever...

@PopSci Don't trust atoms... they make up everything — Melissa (@SmellyLisa) March 24, 2014