It’s Not Just Pi Day, It’s Pi Month!

Have your π and eat it too.

You now have an excuse to eat pie. Not just today–pi day (3/14), in case you weren’t already aware–but all month. Why? Because it’s pi month! (3/14)

Holy cow, you’re thinking, this Doug Main character must be a genius, to have come up with a discovery of such staggering magnitude. Well, I’ll let you think what you like, but the revelation came to me in the form of a tweet , by reporter Emily Crockett. A slice of key lime for you, Emily.

So go on, celebrate! Eat a slice of pie every day! Every single day, why not? You’ve only got 18 days left. While you’re at it, buy a protractor! Bake me a strawberry rhubarb! Get way into number theory! But whatever you do, just don’t make a bill to change the value of pi to 3.2, like Indiana did in 1897. That would render this whole post moot. And it would be wrong.

I now have also realized that next year on this day it will be 3/14/15, the first five digits of pi. I don’t need to tell you how crazy the university math departments around the world are going to get on that day.

For more pi-related fun, head over here to see some amazing visualizations of pi. Or search pi for any string of digits that you desire, like your social security number.