Armored Trucks, Unborn Birds Go Airborne, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus: cometary selfies and a supernova

Me And Comet 67-P, J-Chillin’

The Rosetta spacecraft beamed this to Earth on Sunday: an over-the-shoulder selfie with its intended. Visible are the comet toward which Rosetta has travelled for more than a decade, the edge of the craft, and one of its ~46-foot solar panels. The mission team is now reviewing possible landing sites on the comet’s surface.European Space Agency/OSIRIS Team

Extraordinary Detail

Rosetta’s OSIRIS imaging system captured this image of 67P’s surface. The picture is the most detailed ever of a cometary body. The edge of each pixel corresponds to about two and a half feet of the nucleus.European Space Agency/OSIRIS Team

And The Ground Cracked Open

Images from NASA’s Terra satellite reveal two new fissures spewing lava in Iceland last week.NASA

Lay My Guts On The Table

About 200 years ago (give or take a decade) the scientist and vaccine pioneer Edward Jenner flattened this section of a human stomach and pumped it with wax, probably to make it into a teaching tool for his medical students.via Wellcome Images

Baby On Board

Researchers studying critically endangered Mescarene petrel in the Indian Ocean made an image believed to be the first of its kind: a mama bird with a visible baby bump.Hadoram Shirihai/Tubenoses Project

Speaking Of Things On Board

A Mastiff Armored Vehicle sits in the bellow of a British C17 transport plane as the Royal Air Force helps the Army prepare to exit Afghanistan in July.Cpl Daniel Wiepen

Before ‘Boldly Go’

The first completed crew module for NASA’s new Orion space craft sits on top of its service module at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In December, Orion will ride a Delta IV Heavy rocket to 3,600 miles above Earth.NASA/Rad Sinyak

Flying Through An Aurora

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted this image last week, writing, “Words can't describe how it feels flying through an #aurora. I wouldn't even know where to begin...”Alexander Gerst


SpaceX, the American private spaceflight company, delivers telecom satellite AsiaSat 6 into orbit from Cape Canaveral, FL.SpaceX

Stellar Afterlife

NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newtown reveal the most complete and detailed X-Ray view of Puppis A, the remains of an ancient supernova, ever recorded.NASA/CXC/IAFE/G.Dubner et al & ESA/XMM-Newton