SpaceX Will Try To Land Three Rocket Boosters At Once

Following the Falcon Heavy liftoff, a triple whammy
falcon heavy
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket consists of one main booster strapped to two smaller side boosters. It is slated to launch in early 2017, and could eventually carry humans to Mars. SpaceX

Since April, SpaceX has been landing rocket boosters like it’s no big deal. Droneship landings, land landings, whatevs. But the Orlando Sentinel reports that later this year, SpaceX is going to step up its game by trying to land three first stage rockets within minutes of each other.

The purpose isn’t necessarily to show off, but because the Falcon Heavy–SpaceX’s heavy-duty rocket that could carry payloads and people all the way to Mars–consists of three boosters strapped together. Just like with the lightweight Falcon 9 boosters, being able to land and reuse Falcon Heavy boosters could dramatically save on the costs of traveling to space.

But before the company can attempt its triple landing, it needs to find some more landing areas. The Sentinel reports that SpaceX is seeking approval to build two more landing pads at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It’s also possible the company will attempt the Falcon Heavy on its drone ship landing pads

Apparently three at once is not even enough for SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Last we heard, the long-awaited Falcon Heavy is expected to launch (and land?) in November.