New App Gives You An Automatic Nosejob

The company's tagline is, "Putting your best face forward."

Facial recognition technology helps Facebook to guess who’s in pictures and, in a pilot program, the FBI to match mug shots. Or check out this creepy face mashup using recognition tech.

Now here’s another use for computer programs that are able to recognize faces in photos: Automatic retouching. An app in the works, Pixtr, automatically slims noses and jawlines, trims eyebrows, corrects camera distortion and smoothes wrinkles and zits, Business Insider reported. Pixtr’s demo video shows how the corrections can subtly change the shapes of people’s faces in pictures:

It’s an impressive piece of software work, although whether it’s admirable to give oneself a nose job in every photo is perhaps another question.

The app is free, with a $1-per-batch fee if users want to process a whole lot of pictures at once. It’s not officially in app stores yet, but you can sign up for the beta release on the Pixtr website.