You’d think the prospect of clean grass would be enough to induce good behavior, but still, some dog owners neglect to pick up after their animals. A new concept gives people another incentive: Free WiFi in exchange for your dog’s poop.

It’s a good idea — throwing away dog poop equates to minutes of free public Internet access. A video below on behalf of Terra, a Mexican Internet firm, explains how it would work.

When people throw away poop, a “sophisticated system” translates the weight of the poop into free minutes of WiFi. The more poop, the more free Internet. As you can see in the video, the owners of Saint Bernards would be very happy. Owners of small dogs may be tempted to do some weird bowel-area massaging to get more free minutes.

Users would get WiFi signals via dog bone-shaped dongles inserted on the grass, in trees or in other spots near where people might congregate. Then, along with getting free WiFi, people can walk happily through the parks and avoid stepping in dog waste. You could conceivably throw away anything else heavy, too, but the incentive is for dog poop here, not your old stereo or whatever.

Check out the explanation below (in Spanish).

[via Co.Exist]