Video: Japanese Dentist Invents Self-Stirring Whirlpool Pot

For some people, making soup is the height of tedium. Now, a Japanese dentist has created the easy chair of kitchen equipment: a specially sculpted pot that stirs itself.

Hideki Watanabe came up with the Kuru-Kuru Nabe (Round and Round Pot) while experimenting with dental plaster at his office.

The water in the pot rises as it gets hotter, and spirals etched into the sides redirect it into a circle. It’s also efficient, hitting the boiling point faster than conventional cookware; it’s less likely to boil over; and it keeps pasta from sticking to the bottom.

Watanabe is hunting for investors now, possibly looking to leave dental work behind. The only foreseeable problem is with the demographic: People especially interested in a pot they don’t have to stir might not be the most helpful when it comes to getting up and donating to a young project.

[via Gizmodo]