Video: New Creepy, Customizable and Cheap Spider-Bot Stomps Along On Six Legs

This gleaming black hexapod could be yours to command

Meet KMR-M6, a new arachnid-like robot from Japanese manufacturer Kondo Robot that you can own for just under $900. It scurries around like a curious spider, waving a leg when it encounters an obstacle and stepping gingerly to ensure even footing.

It has only two servos per leg, one for vertical control and one for horizontal, which reduces costs. A system of springs and bar linkages gives the robot added flexibility, according to the Japanese robot blog Robots Dreams. It is designed to handle uneven terrain, although it’s pretty impressive to watch it march, goose-step-style, on a flat surface.

Along with the hexapod kit, Kondo will sell individual legs and parts, so home robot builders can design whatever they want — like heads or tails for cameras, sensors, grippers and other uses. The spider-bot will set you back 76,000 yen, or about $880. Kondo expects to begin shipments in early May, targeting the education and hobbyist markets.

Robots Dreams