Video: Sony Unveils Paper-Thin OLED Screen That Rolls Up While Still Playing Video

We’re putting things that used to be on paper on video devices, things usually associated with large video screens onto pocket-sized devices, and now Sony is putting video on a flexible OLED screen thin enough to be rolled around a pencil like a sheet of paper, without interrupting the video.

The 80-microns-thick (that’s 80 millionths of a meter, or about as thick as a human hair) full-color display can be rolled up and unfurled repeatedly without degrading picture quality. It was made possible by a breakthrough in OLED tech, in which Sony researchers created organic thin-film transistors with 8 times the performance of conventional OTFTs.

More details will emerge Thursday when Sony presents the technology to Society for Information Display’s 2010 symposium in Seattle. But suffice it to say, such technology points to a future where everything, even media usually associated with paper like newspapers and magazines, have the capacity to handle full color digital media. See it in action below.