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8 years into America’s e-scooter experiment, what have we learned?

This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here. When the sharing economy took off in the 2010s and upended entire industries, the firmest proponents of the model heralded it as an economic revolution that would help slash emissions. Of all the ideas that emerged and dissolved over the years, shareable electric scooters seemed […]

A new solution proposed for drought-stricken Panama Canal goes around it

As droughts continue to deplete the Panama Canal’s water levels, the maritime trading hub’s operators are planning a workaround. On Wednesday, Panama officials announced a new Multimodal Dry Canal project that will begin transporting international cargo across a “special customs jurisdiction” near the 110-year-old waterway. The Panama Canal, which connects Atlantic and Pacific trading routes, […]

EPA says over half of all new cars must be EVs or hybrids by 2032

The Biden administration has announced some of the biggest pollution regulations in US history. On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency revealeded the finalization of new, enforceable standards meant to ensure electric and hybrid vehicles make up at least 56 percent of all passenger car and light truck sales by 2032. To meet this goal, automotive […]