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A high-speed rail line in California is chugging along towards 2030 debut

California authorities will begin accepting electric train manufacturers’ Request for Qualifications  proposals (RFQs) by the end of the year, the latest stage of the state’s long-gestating, high-speed rail line. Although voters approved initial funding back in 2008, the decades’ long project has since encountered repeated setbacks and financial issues. Construction sites finally began making headway […]

Texas could get a 205-mph bullet train zipping between Houston and Dallas

A new high-speed railway system inspired by Japanese bullet trains could someday carry commuters between Houston and Dallas in under 90 minutes. Announced on Wednesday, the partnership between Amtrak and a company called Texas Central aims to connect the two cities by train, spanning roughly 240 miles at speeds upwards of 205 mph. According to […]

The world’s first hydrogen-powered train has made its final stop

Germany’s state-owned, $85 million hydrogen fuel-cell powered train system is shuttering almost exactly one year after its first public debute in August 2022. This doesn’t mean that the railways are reverting back to pollutant-spewing diesel engines, however. According to the country’s Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport, Building and Digitisation, the lines will transition to electric […]

Switzerland sets world record for longest passenger train—and it’s electric

Public transportation is a vital aspect of moving society away from fossil fuels, and while we probably won’t come across anything approaching Switzerland’s latest engineering feat here in the US anytime soon, it’s still a solid aspiration. As CNN reported over the weekend, the country’s railway industry joined forces to build the world’s longest-ever passenger […]