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Elon Musk’s Martian dreams include modded Cybertrucks and bioengineered animals

Elon Musk’s lifelong obsession with establishing humanity’s future civilization on Mars includes modified Cybertrucks and new, bioengineered species “that are better suited” for life in a SpaceX colony populated, in part, by his many children. These—and many other details of Musk’s dreams of Martian living—are showcased in a wide-ranging June 11 report from The New […]

Dead Teslas keep locking owners out of (and inside) their cars

Firefighters recently resorted to breaking a Tesla’s window to free a 20-month-old child locked inside after one of the vehicle’s batteries died. The emergency rescue is the second of such incidents reported on this week by Arizona CBS news affiliate KPHO and reiterates the potential dangers of the EV company’s ongoing, under-addressed battery issues in […]

Militarized Cybertruck cop cars are coming

Militarized Cybertrucks driven by cops and private security forces may soon cruise US streets—a scenario repeatedly endorsed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself. And while fans of the chunky, soap-phobic, recall-prone EV previously teased similar projects, at least one California-based Tesla alterations company is officially advertising Cybertruck “upfitting” packages to police and other “tactical response” […]

Don’t worry, that Tesla driver only wore the Apple Vision Pro for ’30-40 seconds’

Videos of what looks like Tesla drivers using the new Apple Vision Pro “spatial computing” headset while in Autopilot mode are going viral, but at least one is staged. After getting over 24 million views on X, 21-year-old Dante Lentini may still face legal repercussions for his stunt. In an email to PopSci on Monday, […]

Tesla’s Optimus robot can now squat and fondle eggs

The last time Elon Musk publicly debuted a prototype of his humanoid robot, Optimus could “raise the roof” and wave at the politely enthused crowd attending Tesla’s October 2022 AI Day celebration. While not as advanced, agile, handy, or otherwise useful as existing bipedal robots, the “Bumblebee” proof-of-concept certainly improved upon the company’s first iteration—a […]

Tesla’s latest Autopilot recall update affects nearly every vehicle in the US

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a sweeping recall affecting nearly every Tesla sold in the US due to safety flaws within the vehicles’ Autopilot systems. About two million vehicles will receive over-the-air software updates in the coming days to address the company’s latest setback in its ongoing “Full Self-Driving” project. According […]

The first Tesla Cybertrucks have arrived

Tesla’s stainless steel Cybertruck made its limited debut on Thursday afternoon, roughly two years later than its initial estimated release date. To celebrate, Elon Musk hosted a livestreamed delivery event at his company’s Giga Texas factory.  Before Tesla’s CEO took the stage, pre-taped footage shown during the launch event included the Cybertruck traversing a variety […]