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Neuralink admits patient’s brain implant is partially ‘retracted’

Neuralink quietly published an update earlier this week on the first patient to receive its experimental brain computer interface (BCI), but a troubling detail is buried within the progress report. According to Elon Musk’s company blog post on Wednesday, the implant is partially detached from its user’s brain. The Neuralink N1 is a roughly quarter-sized […]

This cap is a big step towards universal, noninvasive brain-computer interfaces

Multiple brain-computer interface (BCI) devices can allow now users to do everything from control computer cursors, to translate neural activity into words, to convert handwriting into text. While one of the latest BCI examples appears to accomplish very similar tasks, it does so without the need for time-consuming, personalized calibration or high-stakes neurosurgery. As recently […]

Neuralink shows first human patient using brain implant to play online chess

The first human patient to reportedly receive Neuralink’s wireless brain-computer interface (BCI) implant appeared to demonstrate the device’s early capabilities during a company livestream to X on Wednesday night. In late January, Elon Musk publicly stated that the experimental medical procedure was completed, but neither he nor his controversial medical startup had offered evidence of […]

Cyborg locusts may one day help search-and-rescue missions

It’s tough to top locusts’ destructive capabilities—there’s a reason they’re one of the biblical plagues, after all. The insect’s notorious ability to hone in on food sources like agricultural fields is largely owed to impressive olfactory senses powered by its antennae. Although researchers previously integrated this biological tool into robotics to potentially develop a new […]

Scientists have 3D bioprinted functioning human brain tissue

Scientists have created brain “organoids” for years, but there are limitations to the tiny, lab-grown cultures. One of the most frustrating issues is a lack of control over their design, which often limits an organoid’s functionality and use. Although researchers long suspected 3D-printing could offer a solution, the workaround has so far proven difficult and […]

Elon Musk alleges Neuralink completed its first human trial implant

Elon Musk recently claimed that the first human patient has received a Neuralink brain-computer interface (BCI) implant, but stopped short of offering any substantial additional information or proof. In a series of messages posted on Monday evening to X, his social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Neuralink’s majority owner alleged an anonymous volunteer underwent […]

A ‘brain organoid’ biochip displayed serious voice recognition and math skills

Your biological center for thought, comprehension, and learning bears some striking similarities to a data center housing rows upon rows of highly advanced processing units. But unlike those neural network data centers, the human brain runs an electrical energy budget. On average, the organ functions on roughly 12 watts of power, compared with a desktop […]

Even lab mice are getting VR headsets now

Getting mice to pay attention to two-dimensional screen projections of simulated surroundings can be tricky due to their tendency to notice the external lab settings around them. In a bid to get mice to focus on the experiment at hand, a team of researchers have built their own virtual reality headset sized for a mouse. […]