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A new button battery dyes kids’ mouths blue if swallowed

Energizer has designed a new lithium coin battery that releases a blue dye immediately upon interacting with moisture such as saliva. The marker offers parents a visible way to determine if their children accidentally swallowed one of these toxic products. After two decades of steady integration into everything from key fobs and remote controls to […]

Meta begins automatically restricting teen users to more ‘age-appropriate’ content

Meta announced plans to implement new privacy safeguards specifically aimed at better shielding teens and minors from online content related to graphic violence, eating disorders, and self-harm. The new policy update for both Instagram and Facebook “in line with expert guidance” begins rolling out today and will be “fully in place… in the coming months,” according […]

A third of American schools don’t have a nurse, and that is a big problem

This article was originally published on KFF Health News. Jodi Bobbitt, the school nurse at William Ramsay Elementary in Alexandria, Virginia, is always ready to see children with a wide range of injuries and illnesses. One day during the first week of school, the parade started before the first bell when a little girl walked […]