These wireless iPhone chargers make for a great stocking stuffer

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It’s a tale as old as the Sidekick.

Picture this: you’re half an hour in your TikTok doom scroll when your phone alerts you that you have 10 percent of battery left. You scramble for your charger, only to find out that it’s hogged by your sibling who refuses to budge. The result? An all-out war over a piece of wire.

Make it your mission to restore peace in your household by gifting everyone their own charger. The Fast Mag Wireless iPhone Charger makes for a great stocking stuffer, and the best part is it’s on sale for a limited time. You can make your wallet and your entire family happy all at the same time.

Designed to accommodate iPhone 12 and up, this chic, modern wireless charger packs a built-in magnet and metal plate that sticks securely to your phone as it charges. It’s designed in a way to resist sliding off, so you can still use your device freely while it’s juicing up. It lets you do away with cables and adapters, and with its fast charging capability, you can take your phone from dead to 100 percent in as little as half an hour.

The Fast Mag has safeguards in place to protect your phone from overcharging. It automatically stops when your battery is full, so there’s no need for constant monitoring. And since it’s lightweight and not reliant on wires and power outlets (unless, of course, you top up the charger itself), you can bring it pretty much anywhere.

Do your Christmas shopping in advance. Solve your family’s charging woes by picking up a couple of Fast Mag Wireless iPhone Chargers. It usually retails for $119 a pop, but you can score it on sale for only $48.99. You can even buy it in a variety of colors: bluewhite, and black.

Prices subject to change.