More than a transmitter, this versatile link brings you wireless freedom for only $39.99

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Tired of lugging around clunky cords and cables to connect your devices to audio? The Mymanu Link seamlessly bridges the gap between wired and wireless audio across various devices and situations and lets you take quality sound wherever you go—all for only $39.99. 

If you need a Bluetooth receiver, the device also has you covered. Ready to capture the audio magic from your phone, tablet, or laptop, the link allows you to stream music to your wired car stereo, turn any speaker into a wireless sound system, or even bring the big game’s atmosphere to your living room headphones. The possibilities are endless.

This pocket-sized powerhouse is small yet mighty. As a transmitter, it breathes new life into your wired headphones, speakers, or even musical instruments, transforming them into wireless wonders. All you need is to plug the Link into the audio source, pair it with your Bluetooth headphones, and enjoy crystal-clear, lag-free audio—no more detangling cords or sacrificing sound quality for convenience.

If you’re a jetter, this gadget’s long battery life of up to 20 hours and top-notch quality features make it a travel essential. Qualcomm aptX technology ensures high-fidelity audio transmission, allowing you to savor the nuances of your music, podcasts, or audiobooks without sacrificing clarity. And with minimal lag, you can even use it for gaming or watching movies without audio-visual disconnects. Toss it in your backpack for gym sessions, clip it to your shirt for hands-free calls, or use it to create a personalized audio hub on airplanes or noisy public spaces.

The gadget also boasts unique features like dual pairing, allowing you to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This is perfect for sharing your music with a friend or switching seamlessly between your headphones and speakers. It also supports multipoint connections, so you can stay tethered to two different devices at once, ensuring you never miss a call or notification.

Whether you’re a jet-setter, a fitness fanatic, or a tech enthusiast seeking a versatile wireless solution, the Mymanu Link is a game-changer.

Snag the Mymanu Link – Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver for planes, gyms, vehicles, gaming, and more! for $39.99 (reg. $49).

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