Save $86 on this wearable fan that cools you down anytime, anywhere

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The weather, especially around the summer, is exponentially getting worse by the year. Due to rising global temperatures brought about by climate change, heat waves are becoming more common and lengthy. Summers aren’t as fun anymore, especially when going out will only make you feel like you’re getting fried like an egg.

It’s also not surprising why people have become more innovative when it comes to building cooling products. From personal air coolers to USB-powered humidifiers to battery-powered juice makers to even car refrigerators, there is a growing number of products dedicated to keeping you cool when you’re out and about. But if you want a constant breeze when you’re under the sun, the Cool Blades 4.0 neck fan may be worth the investment. It’s available for an over 70 percent discount for a limited time.

It may look funny at first look (remember when you first thought that the AirPods were weird? Exactly), but Cool Blades 4.0 is specifically designed to deliver constant cooling wherever you go. It’s equipped with a 3,600 mAh Lithium battery that yields up to 10 hours of usage time when set on the lowest speed, and up to four hours for a more powerful breeze.

Cool Blades 4.0 features a dual fan with three speeds — low, medium, and high — and corresponding LED indicator lights so you always have an idea of how much breeze it’s delivering. It’s also designed with a flexible silicone nape, meaning you can adjust the angle of the airflow easier to help you cool off faster. And with the internal fan blades, you can prevent hair or clothing from being caught up in them.

The sleek, compact, hands-free design will make staying cool and looking cool on the go a breeze (literally). Formally retailing for $119, you can get the Cool Blades 4.0 Wearable Fan on sale for only $32.99.

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