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Tykr can save you time, confusion, and lost money when investing in the stock market. Get lifetime access for just $119.99. 

You might not invest because you might not think you have enough money or knowledge to be successful. But, no matter your age, it’s smart to start investing to prepare for your financial future. The good news is that you can teach yourself with a little help from this app.

Tykr is a stock screener and education platform that explains stocks in simple terms and analyzes risk so you can make educated investments. Secure lifetime access for just $119.99 (reg. $900).

Learn and invest in the stock market

Whether you want to work toward financial security, owning a home, or saving for retirement, Tykr can teach you to make profitable investments. Here’s what you could learn:

  • Read Tykr’s stock summaries to understand them in simple terms. Learn if a stock is On Sale (a potential buy), Watch, or Overpriced (a potential sell). It could help you find great investments in as little as 30 seconds, while manually analyzing a stock could take hours.
  • Consider over 30,000 US and International stocks by looking at their Tkyr scores. This score sums up the financial strength of a stock so you can decide which ones to avoid or invest in. The higher the score, the safer the investment. 

Using Tykr can also teach you how to manage your own investments and reduce risks. Work toward becoming a successful investor and securing your financial future.

Resources for a lifetime

A lifetime subscription to Tykr means you will always have access to its tools and information. 

You also may want to take advantage of Tykr’s free customer support site, webinars, and Facebook community to grow your knowledge base even more. Contact customer service via email and get a response in as little as 24 hours. Get your questions answered so you can get back to investing and growing your future.

Start investing today with a lifetime subscription to a Tykr Stock Screener Pro Plan, now just $119.99 (reg. $900).

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