Save $800 off this app that can help you make smarter investments

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With a possible recession looming over everyone’s heads, investing may be the last thing on your mind. After all, experts always recommend that during times like these, it’s better to be cash-heavy than sorry. But there’s a merit to investing when everybody is afraid to do so. 

Aside from sharpening your skills and making yourself indispensable at work, it may also be worth it to invest, especially if you can find returns that can outpace the rapid speed of inflation. Beginners may be apprehensive about navigating this subject, but fortunately, platforms like Tykr exists to take the guesswork out of making your money work for you. And from today until tomorrow, you can grab a subscription for only $99.99. In short, you have one whole weekend to take advantage of the deal. 

Tykr is first and foremost an education platform that teaches you the smartest ways to invest your hard-earned money. It doesn’t offer recommendations, but it helps beginner and expert investors alike by analyzing stocks on your behalf, so you have a clearer idea of which ones are low risk and which are high risk.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, Tykr helps you find great investments within 30 seconds. It offers support for over 30,000 US and international stocks, giving you plenty of options to explore. There’s also no hocus pocus involved here; the calculations the app delivers are open-source, so you can take a look at what’s behind the scenes.

For most people, investing is a headache. Tykr reverses that by making it way less complicated. It functions as an all-in-one stock screening and education platform, empowering you to reduce risk on your own and manage your own investments with ease and confidence.

A lifetime subscription to Tykr normally goes for $900, but this November 26 and 27, you can get it for 89 percent off—only $99.99.

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