Score unlimited access to 1TB of cloud storage for life for only $120

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Every piece of data housed inside your phone, tablet, or computer is important. Whether it’s the secret recipe to your grandma’s famous cookies or tens and thousands of pictures of your cat, each one deserves protection, and you can’t just rely on your device’s storage to safeguard them. The wise thing to do is to back them all up in the cloud, lest you risk losing everything in a snap.

While it’s convenient to just succumb to whatever default cloud service your device manufacturer offers, you stand to lose some money on those pesky recurring fees. Opting for a one-and-done solution is a much more economical choice, which Koofr cloud storage provides. In time for the holidays, you can get a lifetime subscription to the service for $119.97, its best-on-web price.

A worthy present for your memory hoarder friends and families (plus points that this one doesn’t involve wrapping and shipping), Koofr offers 1TB of secure cloud storage with a one-time payment. To put things into perspective, 1TB can effectively store a quarter of a million 12MP photos, 500 hours of HD video, or 6.5 million digital document pages. It integrates with your other cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive, allowing you to move data from one platform to another seamlessly.

Koofr boasts a handful of advanced file management features to help you organize your files and media easily. Renaming options and link appearance customization are available, along with a duplicate finder that removes identical files. It also happens to be the only cloud storage provider that doesn’t monitor the activity of its users, providing an added layer of privacy and security. It’s pretty easy to use, too, regardless of the device you’re accessing it from.

One verified buyer gushed: “It works great by itself, it has had a ton of updates, and it’s getting upgrades and new features all the time and the ability to connect Dropbox and other cloud networks is just the cherry on top, awesome product, really happy with it.”

Through Dec. 25, you can grab a lifetime subscription to Koofr for only $119.97, an almost $700 discount from the usual $810.

Prices subject to change.