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Did you know that an estimated 45 percent of adults snore occasionally, while 25 percent snore regularly? That’s nearly half the population who snores at some point. Snoring is no fun for the snorer and the one who is woken up in the middle of the night by the noise. If you snore, you are definitely not getting the sleep you need to sustain your mental and physical well-being and those around aren’t either. The thing about snoring is that in most cases it can be an easy fix and not a life sentence. 

The VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece will easily fit into your mouth for a more quiet and restful sleep for yourself and your entire household. To best understand, let’s explain what causes snoring in the first place. When you sleep the muscles in your neck and throat relax. This relaxation can sometimes cause the tongue to fall back causing the airway to narrow resulting in the partial obstruction of the upper airway causing you to snore. 

VitalSleep comfortably fits into your mouth and works to open up your airway to improve breathing by letting air flow freely resulting in a no-snore restful night. The patented Accu-Adjust System means your VitalSleep is adjustable and the custom-mold guarantees a personalized fit. Made of medical-grade, FDA-cleared, hypoallergenic materials so you can rest easy, VitalSleep was created with the highest standards of safety in mind. 

Need further convincing? In the words of one 4-star reviewer, “It hasn’t been the total fix but my wife sleeps much more quietly and she rests better overall. So, we are grateful for every opportunity that aids in sleep”. 

If you’ve been plaguing your household with your snoring. Why not try VitalSleep, your entire family will thank you for it. 

Get the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for $64.95 (reg. $99.95), a discount of 35 percent. 

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