Snag a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and save hundreds with this extended Cyber Monday sale

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For our extended Cyber Monday event, take on the new language you’ve wanted to tackle with extra savings on award-winning Rosetta Stone bundles—all languages and Latin American Spanish—now further price-dropped through Dec. 3. 

Rosetta Stone has cultivated the abilities necessary for successful communication for nearly thirty years. For a limited time, you’ll be able to Immerse yourself in the language of your preference with unrestricted entry to courses led by experts—all at an exclusive discounted price. 

Acquiring a new language unveils pathways to new adventures and fosters profound cultural bonds. Rosetta Stone, further price-dropped for the extended Cyber Monday sale, is top-rated language-learning software trusted by organizations like NASA and TripAdvisor. It strives to assist its learners in breaking through language barriers by providing bite-sized lessons that easily fit into any busy schedule.

Choose from two immersive lifetime subscriptions—the all-language bundle, which includes unlimited access to 24 languages, or the Latin American Spanish, which focuses on one of the most used languages worldwide—and easily digest lessons you can learn at your own pace. 

Achieving proficiency in pronunciation plays a crucial role in the language learning journey. Rosetta Stone integrates the cutting-edge TruAccent, a leading global speech recognition system, to refine accents and streamline language acquisition. This sophisticated feature allows learners to receive instant feedback by comparing their voices to native speakers, fostering real-time learning and enhancing communication skills, lesson by lesson.

These Rosetta Stone bundles are also not confined to one particular learning style. They recognize that individuals have different strengths and preferences when learning a new language. As a result, the bundles incorporate various interactive activities, including live tutoring sessions, cultural insights, and much more. This diverse approach keeps learners engaged and motivated, enhancing the overall experience.

Save big with the extended Cyber Monday sale through Dec. 3 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Prices subject to change.