Get access to Microsoft Project or Visio for only $29.99 through Jan. 7

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Aid productivity into the new year with Microsoft Project 2021 Professional and Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional, now available for $29.99 (reg. $249) each for a limited time.

Are you looking to conquer your professional goals in the new year? With these Microsoft power bundles, now further on sale, you’ll have plenty of tools to take on various projects like a pro. Best yet, they are now further on sale through Jan. 7.

Microsoft Project 2021 Professional for PC, a leading project management solution that strives to help make your job more streamlined, allows project managers to stay on track by navigating the complexities of project timelines, resource management, and budget constraints. It starts projects on the right foot with its array of pre-built templates and easily integrates with other Microsoft services like Project Online and Project Server. The software is designed to run what-if scenarios, aiding in optimizing task assignments. This feature is crucial in managing projects more efficiently and ensuring on-time delivery.

The highly rated platform is getting recognition from several users, with TechRadar stating, “Microsoft Project remains an excellent project management tool for experienced professionals. Its ability to forecast project costs and assign resources based on intricate details means it can simply go further than and do more than the alternative project solutions.”

On the other hand, Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional for Windows, the ultimate tool for professional diagram creation, transforms the art of diagram creation into a more collaborative and data-integrated experience. It brings to life a new era of diagramming with enhanced shapes, templates, and styles that help enhance all your presentations.

The software facilitates team collaboration, allowing multiple users to simultaneously work on a single diagram. This feature is handy in today’s hybrid work environments, where teamwork may span throughout different locations. Including new Azure and AWS stencils further enriches the tool’s capability to create up-to-date cloud infrastructure diagrams.

Both these tools present a valuable opportunity for professionals seeking advanced diagramming and project management resources and are now further on sale through Jan. 7 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Prices subject to change.