Capture the season’s magic with Luminar Neo photo editor for $199.99 or Lite for $49.99

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Luminar Neo makes professional photo-editing tools accessible with a user-friendly interface and AI. Get the software bundled with six add-on packages with these best-on-web prices: $49.99 for Lite and $199.99 for the full version.

It’s a little hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us, as is the time of year when we take the most photos with family, friends, and, of course, our pets. Even though we aren’t professionals, it can be fun to try editing those photos as if we were.

Luminar Neo wraps pro-level and AI-powered tools into a simplistic design that just about anyone can use. We have exclusive product bundles that include the software and six add-on packages with presets and filters at these exclusive prices: $49.99 (reg. $273) for Lite and $199.99 (reg. $752) for full.

What’s included in the Lite and full versions

Both versions of Luminar Neo have user-friendly software that won it the 2022 Red Dot for Interface Design. This includes features like layers, color correction, and crop and resize—all the basics.

AI-powered tools can also remove unwanted objects, retouch skin, adjust color, control vibrancy, and replace skies, all in just a few clicks. None of these tools require in-depth knowledge of photography or tools like Photoshop to make your photos come to life.

With our exclusive product bundles, you also receive six add-on packs that can transform photos with just one click:

  • Light Reflections: 10 overlays
  • Color Harmony: 10 LUT presets
  • Wintertime: 10 overlays
  • Frosty Winter: 20 LUT presets
  • Tranquil Dawn Skies: 25 overlays
  • Tender Blushing Skies: 25 skies

Features exclusively in the full version

The full version of Luminar Neo has even more AI tools for enhancements, relighting, composition and perspective, and structure for editing finer details. Some other features include panorama stitching, automatic background removal, and noise removal.

Since you’ll have more complex tools at your fingertips, we included a video course in the full version’s bundle that covers basic and advanced features, including how to use your six add-on packages.

Transform your holiday photos with these best-of-web prices:

Prices subject to change.