Get Babbel for life for just $169.97 now through Sept. 24

If you have always wanted to learn other languages, this might be your chance. This subscription to Babbel gives you access to all 14 of its languages for life.

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Get lifetime access to all 14 of Babbel’s languages for just $169.97 (reg. $599) through Sept. 24.

Keeping your brain sharp is a must. Did you know that on top of having real-world benefits, learning a new language is great for the brain? According to neuroscience expert Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. in a Real Simple magazine article, “…by learning a new language, you’re going to exercise a part of the brain that’s been dormant since you were around seven or eight years old.”

So it’s good timing that this price drop on Babbel Language Learning gets you access to all 14 languages for life for a one-time price of $169.97 (reg. $599). This limited-time deal only lasts through Sept. 24.

Discover language learning at its finest with the Babbel platform. You’ll get personalized review sessions and 10- to 15-minute lessons that are easy to fit into a busy schedule, whether you make time in the morning or do a lesson or two on your lunch break. Plus, you can synchronize across all of your devices, so picking up where you left off is a breeze.

Babbel’s lessons have a conversational focus that includes a variety of useful topics, including travel, family, business, food, and more. It gives you the benefit of multicultural communication, which makes it a great way to learn if your goal is to speak a new language well while traveling.

From beginner to advanced language speakers, Babbel helps you speak confidently and with proper pronunciation through its speech-recognition technology.

Here are the languages you can learn: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, and English. However, this price is only available to new U.S.-based Babbel users.

With over 10 million users, Babbel customers are more than happy. Babbel user Mark wrote, “I actually own several different language instruction programs. This one gets you to speak the language the quickest. And you are actually speaking useful sentences at the beginning of the program. For my money, this one is worth the money.”

Give your brain a boost and work on that personal growth when you learn new languages with Babbel.

Get a lifetime subscription to all of Babbel Language Learning languages for just $169.97 (reg. $599) with no coupon needed through Sept. 24 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Prices subject to change.