Only $25.99, this Indiegogo-funded marble maze brings brainteasing twists and turns

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If you work on a computer all day or often need brain breaks throughout the week, the successfully Indiegogo-funded One DIY 3D Marble Maze is an excellent contender for having a bit of fun whenever you need to step away.

At only $25.99, this 3D puzzle cube comes with 47 pre-assembled pieces that click together seamlessly, but it’s up to you to figure out how they fit. No glue or tools are required, just your mind and the engaging pieces. This exciting maze puzzle, designed with three difficulty levels—easy, medium, and challenging—fosters a sense of accomplishment and ownership, making the subsequent gameplay even more rewarding.

Once assembled, the true magic unfolds. You’ll guide the marble through the maze’s devious twists, mastering its challenges to reach the triumphant finish line. Crafted from top-tier wood and made in the USA, the gadget is unlike other mazes, where marbles can fall off track. The Intrism Level One’s design focuses on problem-solving rather than skill.

The transparent acrylic overlaying the wood offers a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings, letting you see where the marble is going without falling out. It boasts hidden pathways and deceptive turns, challenging players to strategize and refine their marble-guiding skills. Additionally, the focus required to navigate the maze can relieve constant digital distractions, offering a moment of mindful engagement.

The maze boasts unique features that set it apart from traditional designs and is also great for gift-giving. Recommended for ages eight and up, the sustainable toy brings hours of fun and an option to assemble with or without a guide—allowing users to choose their adventure level.

Snag the Intrism Level One DIY 3D Marble Maze for $25.99 (reg. $29) today with no coupon code required.

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