Thrive in digital marketing with a $39.99 subscription to this e-learning platform

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Enjoy immediate access to expert-led marketing training for life for just $39.99 thanks to this Education Cloud PLUS deal.

Digital marketing is one of those fields that evolves at a neck-breaking pace where falling behind can happen in a snap of a finger. The key to staying ahead lies in continuous upskilling and keeping abreast of current trends, which you can easily do if you have immediate access to up-to-date, expert-led training. Education Cloud PLUS is a platform that makes upskilling convenient and accessible, allowing you to upgrade your skills whenever you desire, at your own pace.

With a lifetime subscription costing only $39.99, this Squirrly-backed platform, trusted by companies like Microsoft and BBC, allows you to enjoy endless learning opportunities in exchange for a modest investment. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, content creator, social media manager, blogger, or SEO specialist, you’ll get to maximize your career growth potential with the resources you’re afforded.

This subscription grants you unlimited access to over 500 learning materials and more than 40 diverse courses, ranging from business strategy to social media to search engine optimization. Patterned akin to LinkedIn Learning, it lets you create a custom learning plan, take quizzes, track progress, and more.

Education Cloud PLUS also allows you to find the right content based on the skills you want to acquire, and you can conveniently switch between different devices, as well as select the format you want to take lessons in, whether audio, video, or text. Feel free to tailor your plan depending on your learning style.

The platform is also updated with the latest and most popular courses, so you’re always in the know of industry trends. It’s also easy to track your progress, allowing you to see how far you’ve come.

Unlock a lifetime of learning with Education Cloud PLUS. A lifetime subscription is on sale for $39.99 for a limited time, no coupon necessary.

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