Save big ahead of Prime Day on this mobile VPN and cybersecurity tool

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We’ve collectively become increasingly reliant upon our ability to connect with others virtually, and many of us store secure data in areas that also requires connectivity. But as threats to online privacy intensify it can be tough to figure out which methods are most appropriate.

For a limited time, the Deeper Connect Pico, a proven and powerful cybersecurity hardware device, is available at only $199.99 (reg. $248) when you use coupon code during our Deal Days Sale. This sale presents an alternative to Prime Day, delivering our best deals on a variety of popular products, including this one, but it will come to an end Oct. 12.

Internet security is threatened on a constant basis, making it vital to take extra precautions toward protecting the privacy and functionality of your online life. Individual hackers and collective hacking groups seek quick money and blackmail power by exploiting sensitive data, but this product presents a simple way to shut them off from access.

Carrying an Amazon rating of four stars out of five, Deeper Connect Pico provides a decentralized VPN resource and seven-layer firewall protection within a package that weights only 0.11 pounds. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter, a USB-C power source, and two ethernet cables.

Deeper Connect Pico’s fully decentralized VPN experience features multi-routing and smart routing that allows unrestricted access to content from across the globe, regardless of regional blackouts and without sacrificing functional internet speed.

Plus, block all ads and implement parental controls with just one touch. Experience the internet the way it was meant to be explored, without restrictions, and do so easily with the simple plug-and-play setup of Deeper Connect Pico. There are no annual fees or subscriptions required.

Operate your devices with confidence and security, whether at home or on the move, with major savings on Deeper Connect Pico, available now for only $199.99—no coupon needed—through Oct. 12.

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