Craft meaningful content in seconds with this AI-powered tool for only $20 this Cyber Monday

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Churn out valuable content in seconds with a subscription to this AI tool on sale for $19.97 through Nov. 27.

Crafting insightful and value-packed content is often difficult—even for professional writers. Sometimes, even performing writing tasks that appear to be simple, like coming up with blog ideas or creating an outline for an email newsletter requires a significant amount of mental effort. During times when you’re struggling to even type a single sentence, you can take advantage of the power of AI to give you a huge lift.

Write Bot is an AI-powered tool designed to generate content in mere seconds. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating compelling ads, or composing witty social media captions, this tool can help you complete just about any writing task a hundred faster. Thanks to generative AI technology, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing techniques, it can yield thousands of words in a jiffy and produce content that mimics human writing. Through Nov. 29, you can score a lifetime subscription for only $19.97.

Writer’s block will no longer be a problem when you have Write Bot at your disposal. It makes short work of producing valuable content, freeing up your plate to focus on other more important tasks. Like other AI writing tools, it asks for a specific use case and a prompt and then uses that information to generate your desired content.

Write Bot automatically churns out content in full, ready-to-use format, but if you find that the initial output does not fulfill your specific requirements, simply provide additional context and detail, and it will rework the content to deliver what you’re looking for. You can also edit and polish accordingly, so you can tailor the content to your specific requirements.

With a premium plan, Write Bot generates up to a million words per month for over 12 use cases. Plus, on top of writing, it can also translate text, summarize information, and so much more.

A premium lifetime subscription to the tool normally goes for $539, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $19.97.

Prices subject to change.